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A Study in Pink

Four years separate these pictures. Even though I already lost over 70lbs according to the BMI scale I’m still obese. I’m not where I know I can get yet, but that’s still no reason to diminish my accomplishments.

I lost a lot of weight, sure. But that was the smallest part of what I did. I completely stopped having self-harm behaviors. I stopped having suicidal thoughts. I am a confident person and I love my body. Even my rolls, my stretch marks and my scars.

Still wanting to change my body doesn’t mean I can’t love it as it is. My body is my temple, and just because I’m renovating doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve love and care.

You can’t just assume that all your problems will go away once you lose weight. You can’t expect to love your body once you lose the weight. NO! It’s a process. It takes hard work. And you’re totally allowed (and encouraged!) to love your body every step of the way. Make your journey an act of self-love, not an act of self punishment.

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